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How do I find the current charges for your service?

There is a small one time charge for getting an authentic transcript from your issuing institution. Subsequently, there is a charge per destination. Both of these may depend on the respective institutions. You can fill in the inquiry form and we will revert with the charges.

How do I get started with your service?

Simply furnish all the information on this link and we will send you an email outlining the process.

What happens after I place my order?

We need to get a copy of your transcript from your issuing institution. They can either email us a clear PDF copy from the institute's designated official's email ID or mail us a stamped and sealed envelope containing the transcripts. (We perform independent verification.) Once this is done, we will send you a link from where you can specify destinations where you want the transcripts to go.

How long does this process take?

The time taken for the entire process depends on the time taken by the issuing institution (your college / university). We suggest you give sufficient time for the process since based on our experience, staff at most institutions is busy.

Will you send the transcripts directly to a receiving university or employer?

Yes. We will send the transcripts to the destination you specify. This will be an electronic transcript.

How will I know that my transcripts have reached their destination?

You will be informed over email when your document has been sent. You can then confirm status with receiving institution.

How will I know if I can use your service?

We have relationships with many of the issuing colleges / universities in India. We continue to build relationships with more. You can fill the form to get started.

To which universities can I send my transcripts?

We cover many of the leading destinations in US / Canada and Europe. More than 2500 destinations receive Transcripts through us.
We are mentioned on the websites of some of these institutions, for example Purdue, USC, School of Visual Arts, Univ of Texas Arlington, Univ of Texas Dallas, Rutgers, Helsinki, Univ of Michigan, and others.
If you want to know about a specific destination university, kindly write to support@electronictranscripts.com