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Fill out the online form (click here) and provide basic information to get started.
We interact directly with the college / university that issued your degree (we already have relationships with large number of leading institutions in India), and initiate with them the process to obtain a authentic transcript from them. If we are unable, for any reason, to do so, we inform you accordingly.
You will receive a link from where you can specify the designated recipients (such as universities overseas). You will need to make an online payment as well.
NOTE: The time to obtain / send your transcript is determined by the time taken by your college / university, rather than our processing time. This varies from college to college.
Via our system, your transcript goes directly to designated receivers electronically.
We have sent thousands of transcripts to designations worldwide, including to various accreditation agencies and evaluation services. If you would like to know if we send to a particular destination, write to support@electronictranscripts.com
If you have an Aadhaar linked DigiLocker account, we will enable the upload & backup of your document to it.