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electronictranscripts.com is a service provided by Truecopy Credentials Pvt. Ltd.

Our Vision

To be the one-stop provider of educational and employment credentials in India.

Our Mission

To make it easy for students, employers and educational institutions to obtain & send official documents from institutions in India.


Electronic Transcripts is a service provided by Truecopy Credentials Pvt Ltd. We have direct partnerships with a large number of educational institutions in India, and have worked with hundreds of others. To-date, we have delivered thousands of transcripts to their intended destination. Our company is headquartered in Pune, and has offices in Mumbai & Bangalore.

Other Services

Official Verification Reports

We obtain official verification reports from educational institutions in India. Many professional bodies require authentic verification of educational certifications issued in India. We provide the service of obtaining these verification reports from the issuing institution.

(electronictranscripts.com is a service provided by Truecopy Credentials Pvt. Ltd.)

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